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Wyandotte County Bar Association


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Donald T. Taylor, President

Hon. Dan Duncan, President-Elect

Jane Sieve-Wilson, Secretary

J. D. Baker, Treasurer

Raymond E. Probst, Past President

Manu Rattan, Board of Governors

Hon. Dan Cahill, Board of Governors

Hon. Wes Griffin, Board of Governors

Renee Henry, Board of Governors

Tim Alvarez, CLE Director

Hon. Bob Burns, Deceased Attorneys Chairman

John Duma, Ethics & Grievance Director

Hon. Dan Duncan, Immigration Chairman

Hon. Bill Mahoney, Immigration Co-chair

Lisa Garza, CLE Co-Chair

Zak Kolich, Golf Tournament

Jenny Myers, Membership Chairman

Mike Nichols, Advocate Chairman

Mike Sexton, Program Director

Ruth Benien, Program Co-chair


The Wyandotte County Bar Foundation is proud to announce that it will sponsor two candidates to attend the up-coming Leadership 2000 class.

Candidates may be attorneys, courthouse personnel or anyone who is involved in the administration of justice in Wyandotte County.

For information about Leadership 2000 and an application for this year's class, go to www.leadershipwyco.com.

To apply for a Bar Foundation sponsorship, please contact Denise Tomasic, 913-371-5750, or Ruth Benien, 913-621-7100.

2016 Officer Anthony Davis, Bonner Springs P.D.
2015 Elena Morales, El Centro, Inc.
2014 Brenda Eaton, recently retired Law Librarian
2013 Loren Taylor
2012 Carol Marinovich
2011 Hon. George A. Groneman
2010 Hal Walker & Tom Robers
2009 Ernie Moore
2008 Hon. Philip L. Sieve
2007 Ronald L. Miller
2006 Nick A. Tomasic
2005 Richard Ruiz
2004 Sister Mary Lex Xmith & Bill Reardon
2003 Jean Halula-Dermann, Emily Burns & Judy Kennedy - Domestic Court Services
2002 Rev. C.L. Bacchus
2001 Wayne Sims, President/CEO, Kaw Valley Center
2000 Georgia Girardeau, Victim's Witness Coordinator
1999 Sgt. Kelli Bailiff, Wyandotte County Sherrif's Department
1998 Frances Mulich, Head Clerk, Probate, newly retired
1997 Donna Ashley, Law Librarian, newly retired
1996 Helen Zagar, Clerk of the District Court, newly retired
1995 Mickey James, Court Services & Bev Willis (2nd presentation)
1994 Gary Grable
1989 Mickey James & Beverly Willis
1985 Patty Orth
1977 Delores Brinkel
1976 Paul Jewell
1975 Terry Showalter
1974 Frank Corbett, President, Quindaro State Bank
1973 Vincent DeCoursey
1972 Donald Stump
1971 R. J. Gaffney, Warden, Kansas State Penitentiary, Lansing, KS
Lucille Doores, Reporter, Kansas City Kansas
Michael Sexton 2015
Jane Sieve-Wilson 2014
Hon. Daniel Duncan 2013
Donald T. Taylor 2012
Raymond E. Probst 2011
Josh Allen 2010
Delia York 2009
Kate Lynch 2008
Jeff Goodwin 2007
Tim Alvarez 2006
Shane Rockey 2005
A.J. Stecklein 2004
Aline Pryor 2003
Kenny Moore 2002
James D. Scherzer 2001
John O'Conner 2000
Hon. R. Wayne Lampson 1999
Denise E. Tomasic 1998
Roger McLean 1997
Dianna K. Robb 1996
Hon. William Cook 1995
Hon. John McNally 1994
Ruth Benien 1993
Hon. John Bukaty, Jr. 1992
Jo Ann Butaud 1991
Gerland Jeserich 1990
Tom Osborn 1989
H. Reed Walker 1988
Thomas L. Boeding 1987
Karen L. Shelor 1986
Michael E. Callen 1985
David M. Druten 1984
Wayne H. Phillips 1983
H. Paul Maurin, III 1982
Joseph H. McDowell 1981
Joseph M. Sheeley 1980
Dean J. Smith 1979
Donald Vasos 1978
Daniel B. Denk 1977
Benjamin E. Franklin 1976
Felix G. Kancel 1975
William Chambers 1974
William E. Scott 1973
Bob Fabian 1972
John. J. Jurcyk, Jr 1971
Robert L. Boyce 1970
J. Donald Lysaught 1969
Joseph Cohel 1968
J. Milton Sullivant 1967
Bill E. Fabian 1966
Claude Rice 1965
Edward H. Powers 1964
Donald E. Martin 1963
Hylton Harman 1962
Thomas C. Lysaught 1961
Willard L. Phillips 1960
Harry G. Miller, Jr  1959
Leonard O. Thomas  1958
John J. Bukaty  1957
Knowlton E. Carson  1956
O.Q. Claflin, III  1955
Harold H. Harding  1954
Charles W. Lowder  1953
James D. Howel  1952
E.M. Boddington, Sr  1951
Lee E. Weeks 1950
Lee Vaughan 1949
Charles S. Schnider 1948
Cyrus W. Long 1947
Willard M. Menton 1946
William H. McHale 1945
S.M. Terbovich 1944
Thomas E. Finigan 1943
Non E. Snyder 1942
J. Willard Haynes 1941
Frank L. Bates 1940
A.J. Herod 1939
Blake A. Williamson 1938
Louis R. Gates 1937
John E. Blake 1936
Russell L. Stephens 1935
James K. Cubbison 1934
William E. Carson 1933
George E. Gard 1932
Arthur J. Stanley, Jr. 1931
Arthur J. Stanley, Jr. 1930
P.W. Croker 1929
P.W. Croker 1928
William Drennan 1927
U.S. Guyer 1926
U.S. Guyer 1925
(Unknown) 1924
Thomas M. Van Cleave 1923
Arthur J. Mellot 1922
James L. Hogin 1921
E.S. McAnany 1920
W.L. Wood 1919
(Unknown) 1918
A.J. Stanley 1917
O.Q. Claflin 1916
J.O. Emerson 1915
W.H. McCamish 1914




The Wyandotte County Bar Association (WyCoBar) is a group of legal professionals, primarily in the Kansas City Metro, representing all areas of law.

We invite you to browse our membership directory to find an attorney that meets your needs.

Membership in the Wyandotte County Bar Association is essential for attorneys practicing in Wyandotte County. It allows members to network with their peers, including state and federal judges, while also providing key updates to updates and postings within the Wyandotte District and Municipal Courts.

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