April 11, 2019

Dear Wyandotte County Bar Association Members:

As you all know, Judge Lampson will be retiring next month and Governor Kelly has asked that I convene a screening panel for prospective applicants for the position. I would request that anyone who will not be applying for the position, and who is interested in participating in the process, please send me an e-mail at your earliest convenience, but no later than April 24th.

Wyandotte County residency, a member in good standing of the Wyandotte County Bar Association, and available to conduct interviews for a full day or two sometime between 5/6/19 and 5/19/19 are the only requirements, other than an interest in serving.

I also anticipate approaching a couple of lay people for the Committee in addition to approximately five (5) attorneys. Although I will also be on the Committee, because I do not live in Wyandotte County, I will be serving in a non-voting capacity.

My e-mail address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I would appreciate receiving your response with the subject line "Judicial Screening Panel."

Very truly yours,

Daniel L. Doyle, President

Wyandotte County Bar Association




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